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The Principality of Asturias has implemented since 1999 a very active industrial policy to promote business cooperation and to improve competitiveness of both SMEs and large corporations present in the region .

The Energy Technology Consortium of Asturias, EIG (Consortium) was created with the financial participation of the Economic Development Institute of the Principality of Asturias (IDEP), with the aim to enhance partnerships among companies with a strong specialization in the energy sector.

The Consortium was founded on August 2009 by twelve companies and bodies to promote innovative projects for the energy sector in Asturias within the framework of an Economic Interest Group. In 2010 the Consortium consisted of 31 members and in 2011 we are almost 50. We are willing to welcome new SMEs and large businesses to expand our network and improve energy innovation in Asturias.

In 2010 the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade acknowledged the excellence of the Consortium’s Strategic Plan and included it in the Special Register of Innovative Business Groups.

The Asturias Energy Foundation,  acting as Administrator of the group, is responsible for selecting new partners and verifying compliance with quality requirements of the organism. Consortium membership is a real commitment by the partners in technological development and innovation. Every two years, partners must submit, individually or jointly, at least two technology or innovation proposals related to their activity.


The aim of the group is to develop innovative activities following these criteria:

  • To share the awareness of cooperation as a mean to improve individual competitiveness
  • To include companies with true leading and driving initiatives.
  • To include initiative boosters to help leading companies throughout the process
  • The engagement and active participation of SMEs
  • To develop modern productive structures in the companies
  • To consider Innovation as a key element to improve competitiveness
  • A local offer of advanced services aimed at modernising the sector
  • To participate in global knowledge networks
  • The participation of all agents in the global technological offer


The Consortium focuses on four strategic areas:

  • Strategic Area I: Development of management, communications, competitive monitoring, etc.
  • Strategic Area II: Energy generation, distribution and consumption
  • Strategic Area III: Renewable Energies
  • Strategic Area IV: Energy Efficiency for Construction

Each Strategic Area is developed into more precise Strategic Lines.