Poligono de la Barreda, Parcela 1, 33180, Noreña, Asturias, España

Telephone: 34 985 74 45 18

Contact: Juan Díaz García




ASINCAR is a reference entity and a unique meeting point for the Asturian Agri-food Sector, where companies focus their demands, concerns, and difficulties so that they can be channelled and solved. With a history of more than 40 years of activity representing, defending, and promoting the interests of the sector in Asturias, ASINCAR is the reference centre for the technological and socioeconomic development of the Asturian agri-food sector. It is made up of a network of 114 organizations and they have been awarded the Gold Seal granted by the ECEI as a sign of the day-to-day improvement, as well as the role they play as benchmark in the sector.
Under the cluster role, they study the environment and markets in which the commercial activity of the sector takes place, analyse them, and define sector strategies. They prevent possible threats and analyse possible situations of risk or opportunity for the sector. They also provide the tools that allow companies to adapt to new changes.
The key pillars on which ASINCAR work are:

o Innovation
o Training
o Export

For ASINCAR, stimulating innovation in companies plays a key role. The companies must adapt themselves to new consumption habits and the cluster can help them in aspects as important as adding value to their productions, to achieve the opening to new markets, the enhancement of brands quality, and the execution of cooperation projects, training, and innovation activities.


Through excellence in training, they seek to strengthen the productivity and competitiveness of the business fabric in the agri-food sector, as well as enhance the employability of workers in an increasingly professionalized society. Promoting the sector through training, it can be achieved:

• Develop professional skills
• Provide knowledge and skills
• Train staff
• Increase the efficiency of the work carried out

Training modalities

• Training for employment
• Face-to-face courses with great practical content for the development of people’s competencies for work. These courses are mainly focused on obtaining certificates of professionalism and are aimed primarily at unemployed personnel.
• Face-to-face courses and specialized technical conferences
• Courses with adapted content to update skills and knowledge throughout professional life. This training is aimed primarily at active workers.
• Training in Company
• Development of training plans adapted to the needs of companies.

In addition, the cluster also acts as a funnel that channels the needs of Asturian companies in the agri-food sector, providing solutions to the problems that the sector must overcome competitiveness and the need for differentiation.