Dr. Alfredo Martínez, Nº 6, 3º 33005 Oviedo

Telephone: 679 964 971

Contact: Gonzalo González Espina (Gerente)




An innovative Business Group consisting of 16 companies associated with the Construction Confederation of Asturias (Asprocon) and mainly dedicated to the orientation  of the sector towards innovation.


To support and raise awareness of the EIG member companies by promoting innovation, research and development through knowledge and technological improvements of its partners activity fields

To encourage collaborative development among the EIG members, and with other innovative agents (universities, technology centers, research groups, other EIG, technology and innovation providers, etc..), in the development and transfer of R&D&i results within the scope of member companies businesses

To design, promote and manage R&D&i projects that match the strategic and market production needs of its member companies, whenever solicited to the governing bodies of the EIG.

To collaborate with its partners in the definition, planning, development, implementation and spreading of R&D&i related strategies, projects and initiatives and the distribution of their results, if required.

To promote R&D&i training and qualification of member companies.

To facilitate the incorporation and participation of its partners in regional, national and European R&D&i  support programs providing business innovation public funds and aids.

The EIG will be able to obtain all sorts of public and private aids and resources to finance its activities and goals.

To promote forums, debates, conferences for the excange of innovative experiences and results in the construction sector.

To ensure a technological watch, explain and spread updated R&D&i knowledge in the construction sector to its partners.

To act as the main study, consultation, debate and advice body in all matters related to the development and improvement of innovative strategies in the construction business.

To take part in any cooperation agreement with third parties that are beneficial for the Association.

To acheive its goals, the EIG will take part on entities, bodies, technological centres and any other organisations in the field of its activities


The main activity of the Innovative Construction of Asturians EIG is related to the improvementof the sector and the promotion of a necessary and solid cooperation among partners, at every stage of the process,  to face the future challenges of the industry.

These challenges are the ability to assimilate innovation, the improvement of competitiveness, the development of new materials, construction processes and designs, the use of new technologies and energy sustainability and economies. All these challenges are today a necessity and are recommended by the (ECTP. European Construction Technology Platform) as stated in its “Strategic Research Agenda for Construction Sector” (SRA) covering strategies until 2030. The four main future challenges are:

  1. Improvement of competitiveness
  2. Environment respect
  3. Security improvement
  4. Quality of life improvement

These are the four main working areas of the EIG, toghether with any other specific strategic needs of the industry.