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Telephone: 34 984 68 45 90/39 40 55

Contact: Ana Isabel Menéndez Suárez. Cluster Manager




Promoted by the construction industry, it was established in 2020, as a non-profit organization, in order to join forces in the face of the challenges of 2050.

“0 emissions” in the construction industry is the benchmark that brings together cross-cutting companies to lead economic activity through R & D & i and digitization towards a sustainable business environment that is growing and offsetting emissions.

Ecco pulls the entire economic circle; production, distribution, execution, use and maintenance, demolition, recovery and reuse of all those activities related to construction and that will respond in the coming years to the decarbonisation of a sector that generates more than 40% of greenhouse gases.


The consolidation of a framework or open collaborative environment aimed at technological development and innovation, as fundamental axes of social and economic progress, through a firm commitment to the new values ​​of the circular economy and the defense of the environment, as well as taking advantage of the knowledge society and digitization; aware of the need to combine their efforts and seek synergies between all the participants that crystallize in the implementation of collaboration projects that allow the optimization of resources and the improvement of the individual capacities of each associate.

It is constituted with the ultimate purpose of enhancing the activity and contributing to the improvement of the results of its associates.


  • Digitization: ECCO is committed to promoting Digitization and Technology Transfer that allows it to tackle the challenges of the coming years.
  • Innovation and Circular economy: Dynamization of innovation and Circular Economy in the Asturian Construction Ecosystem as a strategic axis to generate changes in all the transversal sectors of the region, for this, the following objectives have been established:
  • Consolidation and new markets: The ultimate goal is to help companies be more innovative, competitive and financially sustainable. And this cannot be achieved without access to new markets, or without creating recurring value in existing markets. And this is a strategic axis that will be worked on decisively.
  • Training: Training in Critical Skills.
  • Communication and dissemination of good practices: ECCO, as an organization, has to manage to transfer to society and the business ecosystem its vision and mission, which is to achieve smarter and more sustainable construction processes; improve the competitiveness of companies and expand their market possibilities.