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Contact: Alejandro González


Rural tourism


The Cluster or Business Group for Rural Tourism in Asturias (ASTURAS), created in 2015, unites a defined group of participants, working with a company cooperation-centred philosophy to maximise benefits and search for and develop quality projects. This enables them to work and contribute their initiatives and knowledge to achieve a common good: improved profitability and positioning of their businesses.

It currently comprises 67 individually participating companies and professionals from the sector. It is an Open project in permanent evolution: everyone with an interest in proactively participating, contributing dedication to the project, work, time and professionalism, are welcome.


Using the Rural Tourism Strategic Plan as a management tool developed specifically for the cluster, participants aim to:
– Generate collaborative synergies, both in the private and public sphere,
– Develop business projects to increase the competitiveness of associated companies,
– Improve the positioning of Asturias as a destination in the national and international tourist scene.


– Innovation: The cluster was created with the vision of promoting innovation, focusing on the sustainable exploitation of existing tourism resources in the Asturian rural environment.
– Training: Training constitutes a central tool in ensuring that cluster members have the right conditions in which they can achieve the strategic objectives.
– Coordination: This will facilitate collaboration between the cluster companies and other agents that operate in the Asturian rural tourism value chain.
– Internationalisation: Opening up the Asturian rural tourism scene to international markets. Supporting companies that seek to capture and gain the loyalty of foreign customers.