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Contact: Alejandro González


Rural tourism


The Cluster or Business Group for Rural Tourism in Asturias (ASTURAS) was created in 2015 because of a strategic reflection process within the Asturian rural tourism sector promoted by the General Directorate of Rural Tourism of the Principality of Asturias.

It is a non-profit association, and it comprises a set of companies, organizations and professionals that are part of the value chain of rural tourism in Asturias.  It is an Open project in permanent evolution: everyone with an interest in proactively participating, contributing dedication to the project, work, time, and professionalism, are welcome.

The cluster is intended to increase the competitiveness of its companies, promoting projects, and offering value-added services through individual and collective initiatives, collaborating among partners, but also cooperating and establishing alliances with the environment.


Using the Rural Tourism Strategic Plan developed specifically for the cluster as a management tool, they define several objectives:

• Promote innovation
• Improve collaboration and coordination
• Dissemination of information to partners
• Joint promotion of the sector


Among the services they offer to their partners:

• Training
• Commercialization and internationalization: through commercialization platforms and presence in sector fairs or workshops
• Advisory service in various matters such as online presence of tourist businesses or management of grants and subsidies
• Innovation: developing innovative products and leading projects in the sector
• Cooperation: stimulating networking between partners and through agreements with third parties.